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REACT Lake Simcoe volunteers monitor CB Channel 9 and FRS Channel 1 (no tone) for the safety of other radio users and the general public. You can join us and help. Our REACT Team also provides safety communications for local events using VHF and the above radio bands. REACT offers rewarding and interesting opportunities to use your radio skills to assist others.

Our Mission
REACT's mission: To get the message through. REACTers provide safety communications to save lives, prevent injuries, or summon assistance using all means of communication.

Become A Member
REACT Lake Simcoe welcomes new members. You can contact our Team by e-mail, phone, or surface mail for full details.

REACT celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2002.

Recently, REACT Lake Simcoe has supported the MS 'Super Cities' Walk. The Team will also participate once again in a major Emergency Services display at Markville Mall.

In late May, as part of REACT Month celebrations, our Team assisted with the Georgina Association for Community Living Walk, and the Persechini Easter Seals Walk/Run for the 24th consecutive year.

Our Team also hosts a fund-raising BBQ in mid-summer at a Zehrs Food Market. The Team developed and launched a new 'safety key tag' to mark REACT's 40th anniversary. The project has proven very popular. It is directed to both cell phone users and radio operators. REACT speakers have addressed several community groups and distributed the new key tags to them. Other speaking engagements are upcoming.